Sunday, June 17, 2007


now that, not much time is left for me in delhi..would love to collect some memories of great food i had here over a long long stay of 22 years .. :-)

as a kid...
Nirulas ice cream parlour @ CP
ice cream sodas were a delight..with me and sis ordering different flavours n then sharing them with each other and fighting over who's flavour is better..

Chacha ke chole bhature @Kamla Nagar
most amazing stuffed bhature u can ever find..though a bit extra oily..but with my kind of fats who cares for oil..

Chacha di hatti @Kamla Nagar
want to have a heavy breakfast of puri chole n finest lassi, try this junction..the place hasnt changed a bit in 10 years n still caters the best food..

Bercos @ Kamla Nagar
this one stands out from others..has a cool ambiance and decent service with the actual always smiling faces..the menu holds no difference from others but the hands that prepare it does has a difference..vegetarian not quite the specialty but surely can shell out amazing non veg dishes..

Dominos @ Kamla Nagar
one of the very few with a seating available and the only one with a seating of over 40..always enjoyed eating dominos pizza over pizza hut but still the former lack the hospitality and service..hope they get over there deliver n cater shit and put themselves into a proper restaurant and eat out joint business..but thnx to rajiv had many discounts here which added onto the fun of having pizzas..

Omelet'S @ Kamla Nagar
everything isnt always right but there always is a french toast to get your mouth right and a chilled fruit bear to gulp it down.

Dwarka & Udupi @ Kamla Nagar
two best south indian joints in delhi, i would say even sagar ratna fails to beat them with there flavour though the service and presenation is not upto the mark but a happy place to enjoy good meal with your family..

Vaishno Chaat Bhandar @ Kamla Nagar
tiniest of road, tight parking at both the pavements and 8 wont even find space barely to put your feet on the ground..from dahi bhallas to chaat papri..gol gappas and sonth wala pani..chilla and tikki..everything is simply great

Barista @ Kamla Nagar
Dark temptation with a novel in hand used to be the best thing in the past..but with the book store as well the guitar gone hardly a place to stick around but pictionary and scrabble is stil available if you are thinking about killing your time..

CCD @ Kamla Nagar
first one to launch free juke box concept used to be a paradise still is great with nice sofas n couches to lie around all over the place..

Banana Leaf @ CP
decent place with cool ambiance and pretty nice food..but you wont want to be a regular at the place..

Pizza Hut @ CP, JANPATH
with a dance at every hour you can enjoy sitting around and having a slice of garlic bread exotica and any pizza thats having mushroom :p
and not forget the special meal for two they are having now..forget the everything is worth tea is a better add on then anything else over here..

Bhel Puri wale bhaiya next to ODEON @ CP
thanx to utsav n his dad i tasted one of the most tempting bhel puri available in here..sasta n tikau cant be the word, as for a road vendor he sells it at a pretty decent prcie of 30 bucks per small plate..but every sq cm of it is worth the prcie..

Shiva's Pao Bhaji @ Model Town
right blend of spices and chillies with a zordar tadka..this thella is stationed at its very place exactly at 4pm every day and starts off with orders exactly at 6:30 and by 9:30 everything is sold out with the finest of cars parking in front and blocking the road..

pastry shop @ Model Town
just the right place for the people with a sweet tooth..cakes, pastries, puddings everything is pretty good and important thing being is its freshness

Grand Plaza @ Model Town
not a place to have a meal but some snacks would really touch your stomach's deepest trenches.. :p
chocolate dough nuts and pasrty shop is simply amazing..but cant count on the freshness..

Chawla's Chic Inn @ Kamp
wasnt upto the mark most of the times but then there were days when you wont be able to stop yourself from shouting whoaa!!! delicious..tandori and afgani were value for each bone and khadai was totally finger licking..
sad that it no longer exists there..or anywhere..i wonder why..?

Chinese Van opposite to girl's hostel@Chatraniwas Marg
now this is what u will call sasta n tikau..though not for 2 people ordering 3 things n not even finishing either of them..damn you always are wasting things..manchurian is so soft n mouth watering with a specialty in Soups.. :p

Kachori wale bhaiya @ St. Xavier's , Rajniwas Marg
9 years of school life,4 years of college..but the cycle stays and so does the awesome taste and khattapan in d kachori..can never forget it..

keep checking..still a lot more to come.. :-)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not at all random..

Disputes many a times are good for relations- they help you to air out any past troubles..

can count on this very much with a personal relation to back on..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

If only

If only i had tried, i would have understood..

If only i had defined my limits, i wouldn't have hurt..

If only i had demanded, i would have been forgiven..

If only i were you, i wouldn't have been here...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Random 3

even in laughter heart may ache, joy may end in grief..

so i guess needs and happiness are relative and satisfaction is rarely achieved..

Monday, May 28, 2007


Why, why do I come here?

Seeking out the memories I hold in,

Cause you put your spell on me,

You made me live in memory,

And im frozen in just the wrong time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

missing you!!

Oh i miss my AIRTEL!!

I had been a Airtel Customer for over 3 years till the dreaded day arrived..used to curse airtel alot, but now that its gone..i really miss all the fun AIRTEL gave me..not to focus on the highest service cost, calling cost n blah blah..

Till date Airtel continues to amaze me with their business tact as no one did..i used to get so many calls from airtel centers to take new offers n schemes which did nothing apart from drilling a bigger hole in my pocket..During the months of December, January and February my phone bill touched new heights, thanks to my trip to Goa and the so called big FEST @ colg, each month bill competing with the earlier months' in a race to doom my financial fortunes .. they did fully succeed .. and during this period of three months I did not receive a single SMS/call from Airtel about offers/subscriptions .. the one time they called was around the 28th of each month to tell me that my validity was going to expire and i needed to recharge to continue making calls..
But the moment i tried to get a control of my spendings in terms of cell recharging s the airtel i guess became frantic and started making desperate calls.. ;-)

some of the unusually great marketing tricks which i can recollect that Airtel employed..

Offer 1 -> Dear Airtel Customer, We have a special Offer JUST FOR YOU. Make at least 5 calls everyday between 10AM to 5PM and win a chance to win a 29 inch color TV .. absolutely FREE (hello!! xcuz me!! yeah i get that dumbo .. WIN means FREE) Here you should know that Airtel had noticed that between 10 to 5 i was only receiving calls and had not made a single call between these timings for about 20 days ..

Offer 2 -> Dear Airtel Customer, NOW you can download your favorite ring tones for FREE. just dial #@%% and choose your ring tone (Note - standard call charges apply)Screw you .. given the time it take me to get to the ring tone menu . it's almost the same bill as having a heavy meal at Pizza Hut or Bercos

Offer 3 -> Dear Airtel Customer, We have a special offer just for YOU. This offer is extended to only a few select customers and you are among the lucky ones. You can now get your Hello Tune from amongst the top three Hello Tunes FOR FREE. We will play the top three at the end of this message and you can select you favorite tone. (This got me interested .. coz this was Airtel calling and i could download for free .. meaning absolutely no charge at all).

Song 1 -> @#$%^&*!ASW!#$#S#@.. ( Me .. "what the hell, which language..i cant even get till date" ) ..
Song 2 -> Aashiq banaya aapne.. aashiq banaya (Me .. "Oh god .. please tell me this is a April Fool thing and they will play some nice song at the end of all this torture" )..
Song 3 -> airtel tone(Me..." if u dont put the god damn phone down ill come to your office and will beat the hell out of your Head of Operations")...

that is where it all ended .. Airtel could do wonders!!
But no more airtel for me in the near future..
Any how .. im listening to this amazing track from "LIFE IN METRO"..n how very apt does it sound..
tere bina dil mera..
mujhse hai keh raha..
tuuuuu khawab saja..
tuuuuu jeele zara...

adios blog..
will catch up with you really soon..
exams around the corner,you must have guessed it by now.. ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random 2

all around you when the darkness gathers,
fading is the sun that shone..

no one shall speak of other matters,
you can be me when im gone..